Dec 172015
Heimdal Kerberos, SASL, and OpenLDAP Integration on FreeBSD - Part III

Part III – SASL Integraton with OpenLDAP In Part III, OpenLDAP pass thru authentication with a Kerberos Backend using SASL will be demonstrated.   Prerequisites: In addition to a fully functional Master/Slave Kerberos Server combination as described in Part I and Part II of this series, a working OpenLDAP Directory with GSSAPI and saslauthd options […]

Dec 152015
Heimdal Kerberos, SASL, and OpenLDAP Integration on FreeBSD - Part II

Part II – Configuring a Master/Slave Kerberos Servers In Part II, a Master/Slave Kerberos implemenation will be configured together with the necessary tools to replicate/propagate the Heimdal Database from Master to Slave Kerberos Servers.   PreRequisites: In this tutorial,  a Master/Slave Kerberos implementation will be demonstrated.  The configuration from Part I of this series will […]

Dec 142015
Heimdal Kerberos, SASL, and OpenLDAP Integration on FreeBSD - Part I

Part I – Configuring Kerberos Server and Client In Part I, configuring a Heimdal Kerberos Server and Client is demonstrated.  Additionally, SSH will be configured to allow single sign on using Kerberos.   PreRequisites: In this tutorial, the base installation of Heimdal Kerberos is utilized as opposed to installing it from the Ports Collection.  Installation […]

Jun 142015
Password Protecting Apache2.4 Directories with .htaccess

Introduction: Apache allows directories to be restricted by requiring a user name and password.  In this article, configuring the httpd.conf, creating a .htaccess file, and generating the necessary password file is demonstrated.   Configuring access in httpd.conf: In this case, denying access to the phpMyAdmin directory located at /usr/local/www/phpMyAdmin is our goal.  To do this, […]

Apr 272015
Postgresql 9.x Streaming Repilication on FreeBSD - Part II SSL

Configuring SSL for Postgresql: Setting up SSL on Postgresql is quite simple.  Our requirements are to enforce SSL Encryption on all Postgresql database connections.  To that end, the creation of self-signed certificates will not be explored in this post.   Edit /usr/local/pgsql/postgresql.conf: Change the following parameters: ssl = on              […]

Apr 212015
AWStats On FreeBSD

AWStats PreRequisites: Since AWStats is a web server log file analyzer, the first prerequisite is a fully functional web server.  In our case, it is Apache 2.4 on a FreeBSD 10 Server.  Additionally, the web server should have the cgi_module loaded.  Also, if geographical data is desired, then the additional port – p5-geo-ip is required. […]

Feb 092015
Postgresql 9.x Streaming Repilication on FreeBSD - Part I

Installing Postgresql 9.3: Installing and configuring Postgresql 9.3 for streaming replication is complex but not difficult.  Although replication can provide a certain level of redundancy it should never take the place of a good backup strategy.   Install Postgresql: # portsnap fetch update # cd /usr/ports/databases/postgresql93-server # make install clean   rc.conf: add ‘postgresql_enable=”YES”‘ to /etc/rc.conf […]

Feb 092015
Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Drupal in FreeBSD 10 - Part IV:  Drupal 7 & SSL

Part IV: Drupal 7 & SSL: The next step in the process is to use an ssl certificate to protect the connections to secure pages.  Obtaining a certificate is left to the reader to fulfill.  The author recommends obtaining an ssl certificate from a certificate authority such as verisign, godaddy, geotrust, etc.   Certificates directory: […]

Jan 222015
Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Drupal in FreeBSD 10 - Part III:  Drupal 7

Part III – Drupal 7: In Part I and II, Apache, PHP, MySQL were installed and configured.  In Part III, Drupal 7 configuration is the focus.  This information can be derived from Drupal 7 installation documentation.  The reader is encouraged to review the documentation at   Update the FreeBSD 10 Ports Tree: # portsnap […]

Jan 162015
Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Drupal in FreeBSD 10 - Part I:  Apache24 and PHP5

Part I – Installing Apache24 and PHP5: An Apache, PHP, MySQL and Drupal stack on FreeBSD is not difficult to install and configure.  In this case, the Drupal installation will contain only one website and will not employ the use of virtual hosts.  So let’s get started installing Apache24 and PHP5.   Update the FreeBSD […]