How to Recover from “Recovering vi editor sessions”

Recently, a ssh session terminated while editing a text file.  Unfortunately, tmux was not utilized and the session ended abruptly.  Not giving it much thought, the server was rebooted and during the dmesg output, the following message was produced: “recovering vi editor session”.

After searching the internet, I discovered vi saves its session by default in “/var/tmp/vi.recover”.  Since the saved sessions were not need, the contents of the directory were deleted and the resulting error message on boot up disappeared as well.

To src or not to src, docs and ports are the question!

Just as in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “To be or not to be, that is the question – Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer, do you suffer whether or not to include src, docs, and ports when performing a fresh install of FreeBSD 10? Continue reading “To src or not to src, docs and ports are the question!”

Manually Create Partitions on FreeBSD

When installing FreeBSD there are several items to configure manually during the install process.  One of the first items to manually configure is the disk partition layout in FreeBSD.  Since this configurations will be utilized on production servers, the partition scheme is laid out in a specific fashion. Continue reading “Manually Create Partitions on FreeBSD”