Panic Mail

Panic mail is a great utility to capture kernel panics and report them to the FreeBSD developer community.  Although I rarely receive a kernel panic running standard release installations of FreeBSD, it is installed on all my production servers.  We owe many thanks to Colin Percival for this utility.


Let’s get started:

# portsnap fetch update
# cd /usr/ports/sysutils/panicmail
# make install clean


The following installation notes appear after compiling panic mail:

===> Installing for panicmail-1.0
===> Checking if sysutils/panicmail already installed

To enable sending of panic reports, add
to your /etc/rc.conf.

By default panic reports will be sent to root with instructions
to forward them if they do not contain any sensitive information.
To automatically submit panic reports directly, add
to your /etc/rc.conf in addition.


To complete the configuration of panic mail, just follow the installation notes above and add the following to your rc.conf:



Hope you find this utility a useful addition to your toolbox. For more information, please visit Colin’s Blog at

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